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The Clinton's Band lit up AJs Pub.  The crowd steadily grew as the three part vocal harmony seemed to pull people toward the stage.  The bands good natured slams on each other set a festive tone in the middle a rock show.  Although The Clintons Band displayed their Bluegrass and Jazz talents, AJs started hoppin' when front man John would break into their original Dave Mathews styled material.  John's acoustic intros were exceptional and the Clinton's creative lyrics (particularly their great chorus lyrics) had the crowd singing to songs they have only known for three minutes.  Dancing broke out on almost every song.  I got the impression these guys would be contenders in a mosh pit.  It appeared that if they didn't have instruments they had to play, they would have run around chest butting each other.  Jeff on keyboards has an opera trained voice that found it's way out in the middle of a jazz tune.  Ian "Beer Guy" (electric guitar) has been spreading rumors that Jeff had eaten paint chips as a child.  Once again, I think it was good that they had instruments that needed attention or the escalation could have been ugly.

Levi on drums and Josh on Congas provided an amazing rhythm with Kevin laying down bass lines that brought the house out of their seats more than once.  Their cover montages created the highest volume of guttural screaming from the ladies in the audience.  The rhythm section had an amazing talent of switching seamlessly as they hit a new cover every 30 seconds.

Don't miss their Web site.  Download all three songs and you will begin to understand what this band has to offer.

Next time they are in town, watch for the following:

Ian's 'rush' style guitar playing in "I can't stand you"
John to sit in an open chair next to you 
Jeff to break into opera at any moment
Ian, Jeff and John to break into two part or three part harmony that sounds ready for prime time
Kevin to go five minutes on bass solos as the band gets a drink
Levi to match John's impromptu rap beat
Josh to conga/bongo his way onto a main stage's Regular Guy, November, 2001