Tim Cruise
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Tim Cruise every Monday and Wednesday night at the Fox & Firkin 7-11pm

The regular guy felt like the lucky guy to have such a talented artist as Tim Cruise play on a night that normally only offers belly dancing (which is very cool by the way - see weekly events.) 

As Tim played classics like Black Water and Sounds of Silence, I was transported back into a blissful state of ' yeah.'  Playing on his well tuned 12 string electric acoustic, Cruise nailed classic after classic in his own way that works.  It is obvious that the music flows naturally from Tim.  His combination of neck strumming, bridge picking and four nail down strums create a sound that is perfect for the Fox and Firkin atmosphere.

With his four inch thick book of classics, he can hit the song that is right for any clientele that arrives.  However, the highlight is when, as Cruise stated, "his fingers just take off on things I've never heard before."  Consider a microbrew or appetizer the next time you are asking what is there to do on a Monday or Wednesday night. -- The Regular Guy, November, 2001