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Abner Kravitz
Take a look at the Web site and the impressive song list for this cover band.


Three fan deep rows pressed against the bar snapping to plead for the many 'tenders attention.  Amadan has done what few bands accomplish in Corvallis.  They have pulled hundreds of normally reluctant Corvallis asses off their couches and into the beat.  The bouncing fans at the Fox & Firkin finished off a well thought out 40 gallon water bucket (Thank you Fox) quickly returning to continue their skyward fist pumping.  I arrived just in time to witness John's mellow bass player's face ignite at 12:30AM for is was time for his vocal solo.  

Billy Idol riffs bounced off the walls into the suddenly ravenous crowd.  Amadan's version of "White Wedding" was eaten ceremoniously.  Jeremy pounded out the side beat sending every ounce of energy in his body toward the crowd before him.  Andy held back between each didgeridoo blow to prepare for the next with side glances seeming to fully admire and enjoy the boldness of his mates on this one.  Mikey nailed each rhythm on the conga's in comfortable anonymity.  Naoyuki courting his electric fiddle like that of a high school romance for the first time.  Eric, with a towering presence  above all keeping the rhythm of each song and the flow of the night in check.  He has the varied emotion that can take the fans on a three hour ride by giving the energy that is needed, exactly when it is needed. Don't forget to check out their pictures from Corvallis at their Web site below! ---   April, 2003

Amadan again took Corvallis by storm.  First at AJs and then at Squirrels.  There Saturday performance marked the first time the Regular Guy's salt and pepper shakers had ever been taken so the audience could join in creating a drum circle effect in Squirrels. --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001

Amadan is a Keltic favorite playing at AJs since the "Kells" daze.  Eric Tonsfeldt drives an upbeat dance rhythm on an electric (acoustic filtered)  lead guitar.  I almost jumped on stage to crank up the output on his lead, but I had a Guiness to protect.  Andy Gross (didgeridoo, bodhran, background vocals) created a guttural undertone with the didgeridoo that filled the room completely.  Jeremy Bauer performed the upbeat 'impossible to feel depressed' melody with precision penny whistle talent.  Amadan's Web site is excellent  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001 

American Hit List
Do not miss this show.  Rock in Corvallis has never been this right.  The vocals from the drummer pull this band together.  Classic hair front man that crossing Jim Morrison with Richard Gear struts, controlled the stage with more raw primal energy than Corvallis has seen in a long time.  Co-Fronting lead guitarist nailed every note while head banging beyond Fox & Firkin's known limits.

Check out the pictures and know for yourself. --- The Regular Guy, September, 2002    Pic 1, Pic 2

Angela Foshaug & 
Jon Rose
Angela offers crystal vocals with an entrancing vibrato.  Jon's bass lines mix well with Angela's acoustic rhythm.  Angela will play her Cosmic Dream Earth Folk-Rock again on August 24th at the New Morning Bakery --- The Regular Guy, July, 2002

Ashbury Park
Check out their Web site at

Baseboard Heaters
Energy that builds and creates its own energy.  Quality singing from lead guitar as well as unique sounds that had the Peacock crowd taking notice. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Great band coming to the Peacock on November 17.  They rocked the alternate brew festival in Portland this summer and will be playing the Crystal Ballroom Nov. 23rd (Click here for the Crystal Review).  BBHs match Matchbox 20 style vocals with Tom Petty guitar licks baked by a STRONG dance beat.---- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Blind Rhino
The Regular Guy saw the tail end of the Blind Rhino show in AJs last September and was most impressed with the quality and energy at 1AM that each member brought to the show.  High end lead vocals from John Fox are definitely a highlight in the blues experience.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001
Blind Rhino’s music has been described by others as “music you just want to get up and dance to,” “butt-shaking,” “ roadhouse “ and yes even “America’s Music.” 
“One Of the Top 10 New Bands In The Northwest!” - Merideth Brooks Concert Selection Committee
“The Rhino’s Will Charge At You With Solid Rock & Roll And Hard Driving Blues” - Zardo Jawaski - formerly of 10,000 Maniacs. 
"Fantastic Guitar Work, Great Energy, Professional” - Will Ackerman - CEO, A&R imaginary road records

Bush Pilots
The Bush Pilots are slick as petroleum. The electric acoustic lead played inspired rhythm with great bass note picking and rich vocals.  The electric mandolin licks punctuated the performance accompanied by higher end vocals. Great harmonization and consistent bass lines are worth the trip.  Watch for a entertaining ramping tempo during 'shine on'  --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001. 

Charles Crawford
Charles performed songs from Crosby, Stills & Nash to Hootie & the Blow Fish.  His versatility and unique interpretations were very entertaining. --- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

Fantastic vocals and rhythm highlight this duo's great work.  Based in Newport, do not miss this team next time you are ready for S. American music. --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001

Chromatic Jones

The groove didn't stop.  The rhythm section would hold on to the crowd and not let go.  This Seattle band put on a first class show.  There beat man pounded a groove with great improvisation and connecting to a bass line that was inspiring.  Lead guitar and sax connected equally as well up top providing a great night for all. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

The Clintons Band

"Live music has never jumped off the stage like you will see The Clintons Band" - The Regular Guy understands now.... They literally jump off stage, sit at your table with the freedom of their wireless electric instruments.  This band will be a national act.  It is just a question as to when.

Click here for more pictures and The Regular Guy review. 

Cosy Sheridan
Cosy displayed the prolific song writing talent similar to 'kit' from the movie 'Say Anything', except that Cosy's music talent is superb.  I get the impression Cosy could write 99 songs in one month via her personal muse adapting every part of her and TR Richie's life in a musical communication vehicle.  The audience laughed at the numerous intros and the room seemed to anxiously await the next experience.  Cosy's vocals offered an amazing range while nailing her guitar licks.  CFS will need a larger venue the next time Cosy is in town. --- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

Curtis Salgado
I have never heard Amen repeated so many times by the Peacock patrons.  Curtis had the fans raising their hands and shouting their admiration for his inspired blues.  Many of my pictures did not turn out due to the incredible constant energy and movement from Curtis.  This is a must see talent next time you are looking for a performer that puts his heart and soul out on the stage. --- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

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