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Dark Angel
Dark Angel had a tough act to follow with Inner rocking before them.  But DA came through filling the Peacock with vocals from the soul!  The lead male pulled "I feel good" vocals from within and let it out in eruptions of inspiration.  The topped off the night with a joint song featuring Inner who hung out to watch the entire DA performance. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Dave Phlaen & 
Jeff Hito

Dave Phlaen's energetic  blues harp & Jeff Hito's slide guitar filled Big River's bar until midnight.  Phlaen's smooth vocals seemed to pull in the audience. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Phlaen & Hito sported a fine harmony at the 'Ritz' benefit.  Phlaen plays Blues Harp the way its meant to be mastered.  Phlaen has a smooth vocal that perfectly complements the intensity of the harmonica. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

David Carter

David Carter had the attention of the Beanery crowd as his chin reached toward the ceiling on each higher note.  David's slow rhythmic tempo, crisp guitars tones and higher end vocals work very well together.  --- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

Deb O'Connor

Deb plays the most beautiful ringing tones consistently hitting the melody with perfection.  See also the Paddy Whack Band.  --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001

Deep Woods Band

Featuring the Luke (lead guitar) and Jordan (rhythem) from Southtown Hounds, the deep woods band grooved and offered a vibe that took the Firkin by the taps and wouldn't let go.  This is another great late night band.  Their three encores barely satisfied the fans that couldn't get enough. -- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

Update:  Here is the latest summary summarizing the DWB: "The Deep Woods Band was formed in the winter of 1999-00 by a group of mid-valley musicians whose goal was to play the kind of music they loved and didn't get to see locally. With influences as diverse as The Rolling Stones, The Holy Modal Rounders, The Grateful Dead, Mingus, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ray Charles, and The Mugwumps, they are difficult to pidgeonhole, but nothing short of an experience to see and hear. As the band has evolved over the last 5 years, they have been heading down the road paved by more well known jam bands such as The Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic. The setlist is always in flux, and on any given night you may hear a psychedelic version of Jim Reeves' "Room Full Of Roses" followed by the band's latest original song, a commentary on today's world; "Everything Works If You Let It". They are known for their extended Coltrane-inspired versions of old favorites such as Donovan's "Season Of The Witch" and Disney's "Zip A Dee Doo Da". With a line-up of from five to thirteen players, you never know just what to expect. Three to five guitar players, a bass, two drummers plus a harmonica player, percussionist, and a flute are usually on hand. The gruff, blues-tinged vocals & guitar stylings of the apparent leader, Bobby Shade, is accented by the sweet harmonies of Sharon Chustz , The Pixaelated Piano Players twisting of the keyboard, the howling harmonica of The Rev. A. J.Studly. Add to this mix the dueling drummers Gordon Veltkamp and Chris Olds, flying out over percussionist Clinton Roman's busy counterpoint. All this underpined by the everpresent Brian Wolfe on bass. Did I mention that sometimes there is fire baton dancing? " ~ Pulled from


Edson Oliveria & Tom Bergeron

Edson on the guitar and Tom on the Sax filled the New Morning Bakery.  Their smooth sound received good reviews from the patrons.

El Kabong Orchestra

Three guitars, three horns, bass, harmonica, vocal harmonics, Simmons electronic drums with real hat tops..... all within the Squirrels stage.  This Halloween party was groovin'.  Squirrels was definitely the most difficult entrance to navigate that night due in part to the large fan base that had gathered compounded by the dance vibe that had everyone downstairs dancing underneath the stage.  Dave Phlean was a highlight on harmonica.  The senorita Mota Fina offered a vocal experience that the Regular Guy rarely finds.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001


Emotiv's frontman offers rock with an edge while jammin' a clean sounding acoustic electic.
Emotiv had dancers by the second song as they continued belting out 'softly spoken words.'  The lead singers emotion carried the tune.  The understated bass man had the Firkin walls approaching violent osculation. --- The Regular Guy, December, 2002

Eric Hansen

Eric pulled into Bomb's Away in the spring of 2001 and kept the room engaged with clear moving lyrics backed by an acoustic picked rhythm that motivated The Regular Guy to buy Eric's "Real Slow" CD.  Let it Rain, Real Slow, The differences between us & We've got to let go highlight the thoughtful and personal approach Eric takes to his song writing. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Eric Nicholson

Eric Nicholson's soft, low tone vocals and mellow style set a fine atmosphere for the studious Beanery crowd.  His dulcimer provided a world music tone that gave the room a unique feel.  Adding Puff the Magic Dragon to his first set for the coffee house children, Eric displayed his wide variety of material.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Firefly Project

The Firefly Project was conceived in the basement of the Random House in Corvallis, Oregon, from a series of jam sessions in early 2002.

Mikey's boogaloo drumming,
Jefe's funky bass lines,
Firefly's bluegrass guitar licks, and 
Thomas' Dreadjazz keyboard textures produce a potent formula of energetic dance music, old school funk grooves, and electric slam grass.  

Firefly Project plan to perform at festivals throughout the Northwest and will be touring Europe this summer with internationally acclaimed reggae legend Norma Fraser.  Norma's quote: "The band was EXCELLENT. Those fellows played well, they had the material down..  the guitarist is GREAT...  the best I have worked with in this area."  
Don't miss this experience --- April, 2003


Amazing band, amazing rhythm with quality keyboards and vocals.  Look for the band and travel if necessary to see their show.  The energy alone is worth the trip.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001  More Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

Review submitted to CorvallisLIVE:  "My dancin' feet have been waiting all summer for this foursome of talented guys to come back to town! They have a extraordinary strain of funk/rock that will infect you with a fever only dancing will cure. If you have'nt seen Flaverpak have to. No, you NEED to! If you have, then you've been inoculated, and I know I'll see you there. So show your face, leave your gas masks at home... and come on over to Bomb's Away, later Saturday evening, Nov. 10......$3" ---   the mixwiz, November, 2001

Fusion Ball

This alt. metal band has a great local following and a lead singer that can metal with the best of them back up by a sync'd slammin' rhythm team on bass and drums.  Fball will lull you into a well tuned ballad state of peace and nail you with a hardball head pounding metal riff with deep gutteral vocals that fill your head with the purest of heavy metal thoughts.  Check Fusionball's songs on their Web page and experience the rush. --- The Regular Guy, April, 2002 

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