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Gary Burford Trio

Do not miss Gary when he is back in town.  Gary's range has the Big River crowd praising his talent while the Peacock dancers rise for dance after dance.  Gary has mastered his solos at the 21st fret.  What at times appeared to be a Tom Petty styled blues, Gary's stage antics reminded me of a longer haired rockin' blues version of Richard Gere.  Do not let the small size of the drummer's gear fool you.  He created some of the best drum solos the Regular Guy has had the pleasure of experiencing.  --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001


While I only had a chance to hear one song before lead guitar equipment trouble took them into a break, the vocal and rhythm was most enticing.  I will definitely look for their next appearance. -- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

Glen David Zucker

Glen's electric acoustic finger pickings were executed with precision.  With a deliberate picking style, Glen drives rhythm well with the low tones while picking entrancing high tone licks.  While I could not hear most of the lyrics, "Outside looking In" jumped off the stage lyrically.  Occasionally Glen's vocals reminded me of Eric Hansen and Glen's neck slappin' chord progressions worked well.  Glen is also a music producer and a band member based out of Portland.  Glen's band is taking a break and he just finished producing a new CD for another artist, so Glen is back on stage.  Given Glen's following quote, I think we will see him again  "I really like the feel here in Corvallis."  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Glen Falkenberg

Glen's Celtic harp sounds packed another full house at the New Morning Bakery.


Harrison's 'mastery of the neck' (as one fan put it,) provided a full and satisfying backing for his original songs.  Harrison's vocals made me wonder if Jewel had a brother.  Harrison even enticed a couple in the crowd to become the first to dance in Border's cafe.  After giving away an expresso to the winner of an impromptu audience joke night, he settled in on an original song expressing feelings from the divorce of his parents.  Next time he is in Corvallis, check out Harrison's melodic acoustic rhythms., The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Hole in the Ocean

Dancing women and singing pool players ignited in Squirrels when the 'Hole' beat began.  Fine lead vocals and one of the best keyboard performances The Regular Guy has had the pleasure of experiencing. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001


Jennifer Turner (the bunny) arrives at the Peacock in her new band named Inner.  Jennifer previously picked her way around the globe with Natalie Merchant's band, Lenny Kravitz and Alanis Morrisette.  Joined by Erika from Heavy Pebble, they are in the middle of a seven week tour.  Beyond her proven Ax talent, Jennifer's impressive vocal range rolls from Alanis stylings to Whole intensity.  Erika's harmonic vocals and mastery of bass distortion provide a unique rhythmic foundation.  ---- The Regular Guy November, 2001

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