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L and M

Linda Hornbuckle 

Amazing vocals from Linda swirled with entrancing rhythm.  A local favorite.  Linda packed the Fourth of July festival this summer and had the Peacock dance floor filled earlier this year.  Be prepared for long breaks between sets. --- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Lori Bouch & The Interpreters

Lori's penetrating vocals and the full sound from the Interpreters filled the Peacock as patrons danced and the lead guitar wondered the floor with his remote jack.  A blues'ed up version of Silent night highlighted not only the rhythm sections flexibility, but Lori's as well.  --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001

Madison & McCoy

Tom Madison & Randy McCoy filled the Beanery this summer with harmonized rock.  Thoughtful lyrics provided a smooth evening with the occasional rockin' jam when they dueled via guitars.  After playing together for 20 years, each live performance can offer a great experience for all.  The Regular Guy, November, 2001 

Martin Fitzpatrick

Martin again earned rousing applause from the Big River patrons.  Finger picking acoustic perfection with solid base note variation entertained a full house at Big River.  Although Martin did not offer vocals, his crisp, clear and bright sound was absorbed by all. --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001   

Martin's acoustic skill created an atmosphere in Big River that made customers think twice about leaving the lounge when their table was ready.  The sound is rich and full of high and low tones each picked with varied intensity and a polished rhythm.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001 

Mark Roche and Nancy Nickelsberg

Mary and Nancy's music was most enjoyable.  Mark's rendition of the old James Taylor/Joni Mitchell song Golden Rainbow highlighted his fingerstyle talent.  His depression era song 'Building a dream/spare a dime' showcased his rhythm and high end vocal talent.... Not to mention pulling off a Grahm Nash tune "Our House" with great harmony from Nancy.  Nancy's rich medium range vocals were brought out by a fine Kate Wolf song.   --- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

Mary Kadderly

Mary played the Border's cafe crowd.  In small venues like the cafe, Mary chooses not to bring  a play list, but rather reads the crowd.  Her philosophy is stated in one set of lyrics, "Hearts are smart, never stupid."  Dan from Woodburn complemented Mary's wonderful vocals and keyboards with his Cagney faced acoustic accompaniment.  "My Yesterday," "Why don't you just love me again" & her new "Scene of the crime" offered crying jazz in a joyous style. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Mary's distinctive voice was a featured act at the 2001 Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz.  
"Mary's beautiful voice complements her depthful songwriting." - Tom Grant, KKJZ (Portland)
"She's got confidence, technique and a passion for music that bursts out." -- Lynn Darroch, Jazz Now magazine.
Download a few of her sound clips

Midlife Crisis

Acoustic Electric sounds with a great electric lead guitar.  Quality vocals via their drummer are worth noting as well as his aggressive work on the top hats with his steel brushes. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Mighty Warriors

This great group from Summit provided a rousing Keltic Jam at the 'Ritz' benefit concert.

Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead offers a polished jazz sound that punctuated by great Sax.  --- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

The following comment was sent in by an impressed Big River customer.....
" Went to Big River Saturday night Miles Ahead was playing some great tunes I recommend you check them out.  Their web site is so the card says." --- Kim, Dec. 2001

Mombo Combo

Michael Franks "Popsicle toes" says it all.  The Mombo Combo's flawless cover of this song displays their talent while again affirming that a good jazz tune can physically create good vibes.  Jimmy Falkner on keyboards, Greg Gorthy on drums, JG on bass and George Ross on guitar provided an atmosphere in Big River that all seemed to enjoy. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

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