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Nairobi Bois Trio

The Nairobi Bois offer a great service to Corvallis.  Smooth live jazz every Sunday night at the Fox & Firkin via great guitar, great vocals and a smooth clarinet.

Nancy Spencer

Nancy played a full size 'SAW' with a bow covering 'River is Wide' with an "It's a wonderful life" style.  The angelic music was the surprise of the night at the 'Ritz' benefit show. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Nautical Sauce Posse

This was a hard funk experience.  This local band packed the Fox & Firkin with many adoring fans.  Blasting vocals, drum beats accompanied by sax provided a most intense funk experience. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

The Nettles

I have not been to a Nettles show, but you will get the idea when you listen to their rousing Irish Celtic .mp3 file on their Web site.

Om Trio

Providing the groove for the Firkin Halloween Party, this band had 50 people bouncing in rhythm.  Given the absence of a lead or rhythm guitar, the keyboards became your melody machine, but letting go to the groove was the key to this experience. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

One Fry Short

This local college band played in the battle of the bands at DiVinci Days followed by a Fox & Firkin show.  OFS is fronted by a man with an impressive energy source.  A few of the songs he nailed dead on.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Otto Gyax w/Coleccion Latina

Skillful classical guitar playing with smooth harmony and bongo beats.  This duo can emphasize measures of their songs vocally with a very interesting style the provides significant range variation without volume variation.  Their upbeat instrumentals with heavy classical strumming and bongo support were excellent. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Paddy Whack Band

Bruce, Deb and Roy offered contra and old-time tunes at the Puttin' on the Ritz Benefit Concert.  Their original 'Twin Flower' written by Deb O'connel highlighted her hammered dulcimer talent. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Paul Delay Band

Due to the large Paul Delay following in Corvallis, the Peacock prepared by closing the pool table next to the stage and installing extra seating.  One fan stated "You just don't get any better talent than this."  The regular guy has not seen that many people focused so intently on a band in quite a while.  Paul on vocals and harmonica kept everyone engaged and the rhythm section kept the dance floor filled.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001 

Paul Scheerer & Friends

Paul & Friends had standing room only at the New Morning Bakery.  A fine bluegrass performance was enjoyed by all.


I wandered into AJ's last month because at 1:20AM, PDEX was the only band still playing.  I heard they had been playing all night as evidenced by the lead guitarist, Kevin Jones, (who is excellent) sitting on the edge of the stage nailing his licks from ground floor.  Although I only heard a few songs, I was very interested in hearing more.  Their hard edgy style was somehow smooth.  Look for them to return in November, 2001  -- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Update(11/4/2001):   PDEX returned to play at the Peacock on 11/3/2001. After they punked up a John Denver song, they performed originals that had the standing fans rockin'  New CD being released November 30th, 2001. Listen for the fine harmony of lead vocal (Matt Jones) and bass man, Kevin Tomanka.  "Sara said" is a track worth highlighting.  -- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

The People
The People rocked Squirrels with jazz soul.  Click here to view the lead singer's intensity and I need not say more.  This type of motivated performance is a pleasure to experience. -- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

Bass/Vocalist/Trumpet player - This cross between Jim Morrison and Kevin Cronin lead the groove with the drummer keeping them honest.  Strong enough to pound base chords with his left hand on the neck of his bass while performing on the trumpet with his right hand, this talented bass player is impressive.  High dance participation marked this bands ability to nail the funk groove in songs from country to rock and roll.  Lead fiddler nailed the notes and can be attributed to getting the patrons off their seats.  After he lost a button, he stapled his pants together and was good to go for a great third set.  Nailing a 'stranglehold' style jam, I couldn't help but desire an emotional vocal to emerge.  This Irish/Scott influenced band is smooth and worth the trip. -- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

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