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R and S

Rita & Bill

I knew I was in the right place when Bill mentioned they are big Dar Williams fans.  Rita's sweet voice could serenade you all night as evidenced by the lack of empty seats in the dining area of the New Morning Bakery. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Samusson & Tomassi

With great harmonization and guitar accompaniment, 2 hours into the show, the beanery patrons were enjoying the performance. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Second Crass Act

Many hats, many styles and very many happy Beaners.  Quality timber in the lead singers voices highlighted this variety styled show. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Sharon Thormweld

Sharon offered the 'Ritz' benefit harp from the heart and on 'the pizza song' harp from her family. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001


Simonsomething jumpstarted the Peacock dance floor.  The intense energy from this band from Bend rocked the Peacock as it is meant to be. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Solar Blue

Master of the Blues Harp.  Rebuilding harmonicas every week due to his authentic and wide range, Solar Blue offers a Neil Young style with much more. --- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Southtown Hounds

The Hounds funky soulful grooving sent the Squirrels benches vibrating again.  STHs return trip to Squirrels provided a packed upstairs and downstairs with an abundance of good vibes.  Click here for pictures and other STH information.

Sugar Beets
Just try and attend a Sugar Beets event seated.  If you remain in your seat, you are most likely dead.  I have never seen a band with so much positive energy spilling out onto the crowd like I witnessed with Sugar Beets.  Although I'm told they are missing their keyboard player, I could hardly stand still to take the snapshots.  New songs sounded great, dueling mandolin, fiddles, guitars filled the Benton Gym.  There was a basketball sized floored filled with bouncing/grooving fans.    The sister lead singers offer two unique styles while at the same time creating a very pleasing harmony.  The deep rich soulful (she puts the blues in bluegrass) vocals of one blends perfectly with the melody rich crisp voice of the other.  Come prepared to dance the next time Sugar Beets arrive.  Better yet, check out their Web site and take a trip to Eugene or other city for the event.  Many traveled to Corvallis for this Mardi Gras benefit for The Oregon Folklife Feastival.  One fan noted "I never sat down.  I was dancing the entire time." --- The Regular Guy, February, 2002.  Check out these pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sun Bossa Duo

Many thanks to Mary for the following review:  Sun Bossa Duo, consisting of leader Edson Oliveira on guitar and vocals plus Tom Bergeron on saxophone, played a lively evening of authentic Brazilian Bosso Nova ("new trend"), with lyrics in both English and Oliveira’s native Portuguese. Intricate guitar work and impressive sax improvisation had the audience tapping their feet, wanting to get up and dance. Tender ballads were interspersed like soft breezes across Ipanema Beach. Singing works of Brazilian composer/pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim, known to many in the States, along with songs less-known here, Oliveira’s comforting voice took the audience on a exotic journey. The blend of these two highly experienced musicians offered a polished, professional performance which will not soon be forgotten. -–MaryB; July 19, 2002 (New picture coming soon)

Great guitar work and vocals from Otto along with a quality flute performance provided a very enjoyable set of music at the Big River. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

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