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That One Guy

Why did "Stick your finger in a weazle pot pie and poke in the eye with butterfly bones" captivate the Fox and Firkin crowd?  Answer: Because Corvallis may have never seen anything quite like this musical inventor who resembles Bud from Married with Children.  That One Guy made unique wonderful music with one snare drum, one saw, one bow, one drum stick 250 feet of wire, 200 feet of pipe and other secret equipment.  The electronic beat he flipped on and off created a groove no one expected.  As I left, I heard the outside tables vibrate from the beat he created inside.  Often appearing to be in an active meditative musical state, this experience should not be missed. --- The Regular Guy, January, 2002

Third Circle

Kingston Town highlighted TC's talent.  Great back beat and lead guitar provide the needed energy.  The versatile lead singer offers flare.  Lead guitar/conga player sends unique distortion that is worth the trip.  Bass lines are amplified well.  This band is the only band in town that can make Michael Jackson's "Beat It" into a country western song.  

Thousand Pieces

Melodic Rhythm.  This fine band put down bass lines that flowed from one groove to the next within each song.  With a fine sax performance from the sax player from the Seattle band Chromatic Tones, this band had everyone taking notice each time the gifted bass performer switched the groove into another zone. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Tim Cruise

Playing Rock Covers at Fox and Firkin Mondays and Wednesdays.  

The regular guy felt like the lucky guy to have such a talented artist as Tim Cruise play on a night that normally only offers belly dancing (which is very cool by the way - see weekly events.) 
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Saw this band at Squirrels.  After the warm up bands, the rails lined with fans when they heard the Tourist waves.  With a bass line pulsing the bar for their short performance, we were all asking for multiple encores.  I believe they would have kept playing if closing time was extended. --- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Tricky Dick

Kevin Jacobson's lead guitar alone is worth the cover charge.  The great guitar licks combined with the front man's, Ryan Ferris, quality vocals highlighted a great cover of Green Day's "When I come around."   Michael Maginn put down a fine bass line (when his recently fixed amp was working.) They have promising originals as well - Particularly their 'Jeanie' song.  Look for this band to develop a following as they gain experience.  --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Update:  Showing their amazing scope, Tricky D entertained the dinner crowd with great acoustic songs until the plates were cleared and "I want to be a porn star" filled the AJs dance floor as Tricky Dick continues to improve with each performance. -- The Regular Guy, February, 2002

Triple Play

Triple play features Kurt from Valley Music on lead guitar and fine vocals from the bass player.  Get out and see this local trio when you get the chance.  The Big River patrons found themselves signing along to TPs well executed covers to classic songs.  --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001

20 Minute Loop  

San Francisco band you do not want to miss when they make it back.  With their latest addition of Kelly, the vocals are well rounded with great harmonizing.  Joe the Ax Man not only looks like Adam from Matchbox 20, but can back this band all the way to the top. --- The Regular Guy, October, 2001

Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects provide a soulful jazz experience.  A solid rhythm is provided by their drummer, who routinely enters his own private Idaho, and an acoustic bass performance that vibrates the solar plexus.  The drummer appears to exhale through his drum sticks and plays a great hat top.  Melody via Dave's Roland keyboard and Molly's emotion filled vocals make this a great show for all. --- The Regular Guy, November, 2001

Vanilla Syncopators

The syncopators were swingin' at the 'Ritz' benefit concert.  Great trumpet work.  They were truly "puttin on the Ritz" in Young Frankenstein style.  Crazy Rhythm brought great electric mandolin sounds as the trumpet again nailed it. --- The Regular Guy, 2001

Vintage Blues Ensemble

The Vintage Blues Ensemble plays the blues and jazz from the 20's and 30's
as well as more contemporary material.
 Contact info: Matt Neely 753-5112
 1670 SE Bethel St.
 Corvallis, OR 97333


Quality Blues featuring Eagle Park Slim.  Expected back in Big River in May, 2002.


This DiVinci Days ' Teen Band Champion' rocked the Blind Rhino Christmas Benefit.  Dave Matthews/Staind styled vocals from lead guitar often sounded polished and impressive.  Their smooth transitions and synchronized picking add a full sound to their melody.  Their bass player attacks his bass strings and manages to offer a few melodic licks in each song.   Lead guitar nailed the solos and has obviously mastered the full range of available distortion effects particularly working the Wow pedal.  'Breath again' and 'Day and Day Out' are worth noting. --- The Regular Guy, December, 2001  

The following review posted by SB  "I saw WestView play at Headline last weekend and I just wanted to say how
great of a show it was. The lead guitar player is full of energy and his um, well scratching (like he is playing turntables, almost) on his guitar was like nothing I'd heard before. It is rare to hear a band with a repertoire of songs that these guys have. I will definitely make their shows in the future!" --- SB, February, 2002

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