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The Baseboard Heaters as listed in the crystal ballroom promo:

Friday November 23
The Crystal Ballroom and The KINK Local Music Spotlight present


The Crystal Ballroom, in conjunction with KINK-FM's Local Music Spotlight, is proud to host two of the Pacific Northwest's most outstanding and popular acts.

"We love to play rock music with all the influences of the last fifty years," says Rob Stroup, songwriter and guitarist of Portland's Baseboard Heaters. "From Johnny Cash to Jimi Hendrix. From Tom Petty to The Replacements, Neil Young to Pearl Jam."

Simply put, The Baseboard Heaters play American Rock. The music is dominated by the classic sound of twin Telecasters and a strong rhythm section that can play with manic fervor or amble with a rootsy twang. Stroup sings with burning intensity about alcohol and cigarettes, passion and alienation, and of course, women. "To me a great song touches you and you get a glimpse of the person's life," says Stroup. "It's like a little snapshot that's real and makes a connection."

The group's live shows quickly gained prominence with audiences and critics alike. After less than twenty gigs, the band was awarded a slot at the prestigious NXNW Music Festival. In a showcase review the following day, The Oregonian wrote: "This up-and-coming four-piece impressed with its twangy Buffalo Springfield-meets-grunge- garage rock." Brown remarks: "That gig was a turning point for us. We had the mentality that we could do it, that we could entertain people and make them jump up and down."

Having drawn much attention for their seven song demo, the Baseboard Heaters has played at several label showcases in Los Angeles. They keep in form by gigging throughout the Northwest, having effortlessly graduated from opening act to headliner. Meanwhile they are continuing to write new songs. "In the last year we've had some lucky breaks," admits Souther, "We've worked really hard and are intensely proud of what we've created." Stroup chimes in: "It's like I said: 'We just love to play.'"